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Mobile life is changing, and FAST!

  • More and more people are using their mobiles over seas.
  • Data usage is increasing steadily.
  • Broadband is everywhere.
  • VoIP is becoming more popular.
  • Wi-Fi is being used for voice communications.

Smart Call is an advanced telecommunications company that provides converged cellular and fixed communications solutions throughout the world using unique technology. We allow users to be more connected worldwide with the ability to have one number, one voice mail box, one device, and one bill.

A snapshot of a few solutions Smart Call provides:

  • Competitive price per minute voice calls
  • Data, including content, downloads, ring tones, e-mail, chat, etc.
  • VoIP Integration

The World
is GSM!

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Services Overview

iSMART Mobile
The iSmart Mobile core network covers 90% of the population in Bozeman, Mt and surrounding Gallatin County. iSmart Mobile offers full serviced unlimited local plans with nationwide coverage! iSmart Mobile is currently looking for beta testers in the Bozeman area.

TappS Technology
TappS™ is a robust, converged service creation and execution environment designed to give Smart Call and system integrators an effective platform for developing and maintaining multiple converged services. TappS incorporates all elements of service creation and execution, along with network interfaces and service management capabilities required to roll out new offerings fast and customize them to meet the changing needs of dynamic, highly-segmented markets. Smart Call is able to realize the following benefits with TappS:

• A single point of management and control for advanced services, simplifying service deployment, billing reconciliation and network management.

• Centralized management of resources, including connectivity, media and data to improve efficiency, reduce costs and ensure predictable performance.

• Subscriber self-care, via the Web or telephone, to improve overall service quality while significantly lowering support personnel requirements and operations costs.

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